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Brand new paper on Establishing emotional connections with customers

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For the third chapter of the Webhelp Disruptor Series, we take a deep dive into the hot topic of ‘emotional connection’ and explore the following questions: To what extent emotional connections exist between consumers and brands? What forms an emotional connection? How people behave if they are emotionally connected to a brand?
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The Webhelp Disruptor Series.

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Webhelp Disruptor Series 

CX rules are being rewritten. We are seeing massive shifts in consumer behaviours, habits, attitudes - and technology. It's getting harder to predict the future. But we can still try. We know the macro forces causing disruption but we don't know the final outcomes. So we're speculating how these game changing trends will play out from different points of disruption.

Chapter 3 focuses on Emotion. Be part of it! Be part of it!

News on CX Disruption:

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Data shows emotional connection increases consumer action

To thrive in today’s competitive landscape, it is essential that brands cultivate an emotional connection with their customers, according to a new YouGov online survey of 2,013 GB adults.

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Whitepaper launch: Emotion, choice and being human in customer service

Helen Murray
Chief Customer Solutions Officer, Webhelp UK

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Customer Experience (CX) made simple

Ewan McKay
Marketing and Communications Manager at Webhelp UK

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Travel Sector Trends for 2019

Kellyann McCafferty
Webhelp Business Development Director

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How emotion can take customer satisfaction to the next level

Helen Murray
Chief Customer Solutions Officer, Webhelp UK

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The importance of Humanising your brand

Polly Ashdown
Marketing & Communications Director, Webhelp UK

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How smoother customer journeys make more rewarding travel experiences

Nora Boros
Head of Global Sector - Travel, Transportation & Leisure at Webhelp

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Making business more human for the world’s most exciting brands

We live in an era of fast connectivity and AI. Today, human experiences have even more power to make businesses come to life in customers’ hearts and minds. Webhelp is committed to making business more human.

It’s through this commitment that Webhelp enriches customer experience, and designs business solutions that create long-lasting value for the world’s most exciting companies. Webhelp is a partner across a range of services including customer experience solutions, social media moderation through to payment services. Hundreds of brands across the world trust Webhelp because of their people, the culture they work in, and the ideas and technology they put to work.

Webhelp believes that Emotional Intelligence creates a lasting impact, and their skill in marrying a differentiating human touch to the right technology is what makes a real difference for their clients.

By choosing Webhelp they access the passion and experience of 55,000 game-changers from more than 140 locations in 36 countries. Each one determined to bring their own intelligence, empathy and experience to the table every day. Webhelp invests in people and the environment they work in, because they know that when people thrive, it has a powerful impact on them, their customers and on their partners’ business.

Webhelp believes that making business more human leads to a better customer experience - and a healthier bottom line. Webhelp is the European leader in their industry, with a revenue of €1,4B in 2018, and aims for a global leadership position. Webhelp is currently owned by its management and GBL, a leading global investment holding, as of November 2019.

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